Why Every Brand Should Be On Instagram

Whoever you are, whatever your brand is, you need to bring yourself to your audience. Present yourself in the place where your consumers document their lives. With 300 million active users, Instagram is leaping to the forefront of audience engagement. 

One of the many benefits of this kind of activity is that you as a business owner can leverage this kind of media-rich environment with posts that encourage your customers to share content that’s relevant to your brand. You can use Instagram to run an entire campaign! Check out the Best Instagram Campaigns of 2014.

Another great reason for you to get on this Instagram train now is the fact that your competitors haven’t as yet. Research shows that only 23% of U.S. Brands have an Instagram account. That’s extremely low compared to other social media networks. It’s understandable that you would want to wait and see the benefits of this tool and if it really has that staying power, but I think it’s fair to say that Instagram has proven itself worthy of a try.

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