Our Motivation

Katalyst Creative (Barbados) Partners Inc. (KCPI) loves helping clients build, differentiate and improve the value of their brands. We exists to help clients grow their businesses.



We believe: 

  1. In doing the best work for the best clients.
  2. There must be a balance between digital and real world engagement.
  3. As we work hard on being a great agency, clients should also work on being great clients.
  4. Everyone should strive to do something awesome and help others succeed.


The Profile

KCPI is the new agency for businesses in a digital world. As a creative business partner for clients who want to build thoughtful brands, products or connections, we are smart, nimble and meticulous in our execution.

KCPI is a remote creative agency with over 20 years of collective experience with local and international brands.  We take a "sleeves rolled up" approach and apply our expertise to build bigger and better brands for new and existing clients. Whether it is branding, digital, strategy or ongoing support we work hard to discover multiple perspectives to maximise our clients’ potential.


The Operation

 KCPI's process is simple: Discover, Plan, Create, Implement, Review, Adapt/Evolve.

  1. Discover - Our client's goals for their brands
  2. Plan - Actions to achieve the goals set
  3. Create - Content/Elements of the brand
  4. Implement - Execute the plan
  5. Review - Milestones achieved and what's coming down the pipeline
  6. Adapt/Evolve - Continuously improve and set new goals to maintain high levels of client satisfaction

We use a 'Remote System' of operation, it is a lean and effective way of doing business. At its core is the ability to be flexible based on the client needs and expectations. It also allows us to work with the best professionals within many industries to get the most out of our projects.

What we do








Website Design

Social Media






Advertising & PR

Ongoing Support


We work closely with many partners to make everything happen.

These are some of the guys we couldn't live without.

PixelBlue Creative . Websites.bb  . Bright Square  . DDB GHA . Shine Sells . Brian Toppin . 7 Marketing . Pauline Joseph . Poola Social

They are all AWESOME! 

Quotes we like

If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, where will you find time to do it right the second time
— Bob Kiss
Move with a sense of purpose
— Rev. Derek Stapleton
Ask a question, that’s how you learn
— Marty Worrell
Do something today that your future self will be proud of
— Anonymous (We saw it on Facebook)
The details are not the details. They make the design
— Charles Eames
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
— Leonardo da Vinci